Project Description

Puyu & Mochi ( is a mobile game that features cartoon characters set within fantastical environments. The game tests the player’s multitasking and reaction speed (Stroop effect), and features cooperative multiplayer on a single device where the player can play the game with friends and family.

KARASU Studio’s goal was to design a website that mimics the cartoon style of the mobile game. The yellow color scheme of the adorable main character, Puyu, was used as the primary color for the website. Blues and greens were used to provide contrast, as well as to give the visitor a feeling of being immersed into a colorful world. A very immaculately chosen font was used throughout the website to reinforce the cartoon theme.

Screenshots were taken from the game engine, Unreal Engine 4. The images are then processed using Photoshop to achieve a memorable design package.

Each page was optimized for search engines to allow for increased exposure of the mobile game.

Img_ur Cute Cat Cute Red Panda Game